The benefits and future importance of interactive ads in online gaming

The Current Performance and Future Potential of Interactive Ads in the Gaming Industry

Interactive ads have been used in the gaming industry for several years now, however, they have only recently begun demonstrating their true potential. Such advertisements present their viewers with the option to interact with the content being presented – mostly through short, playable demos of other games or an interactive component to a video ad. […]

How Affiliates Pick Up Your Offer

How Affiliates Pick Up Your Offer

How Affiliates Pick Up Your Offer   One of the biggest problems game developers encounter every day is the issue of discovery. Thousands of games are launched on the market every day. With hundreds of free-to-play games, free and paid digital downloads, online offers, social media accounts and profiles along with dedicated apps. Creating and […]


Core Aspects Of Fraud Detection

CORE ASPECTS OF FRAUD DETECTION Fraud In The Gaming Industry And How To Prevent It   In recent trends, the gaming community has attracted a lot of cyber criminals. Fraud has spread everywhere. From retail stores to the digital marketplace, anywhere you go, you can easily be a victim of fraud. According to the Association […]


Influence is everything – the importance of influencer marketing in the gaming industry

The marketing trends and stats in the past year have shown that advertisers are continuing to move away from standard advertising techniques and towards interactive ones, in order for their messages to be seen and heard. Among said interactive techniques, the fast-growing influencer marketing holds a special place. According to Launchmetrics’ 2017 State of Influencer […]